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Massachusetts Climate Action Network and Prince Lobel's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Moneer Azzam
Form Energy is a Greentown Labs Alumnus
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
Wonderful!!!! Their long duration battery is very exciting.
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
Just a gentle reminder if people can mute themselves during the presentations, that would be helpful. Thank you!
Moneer Azzam
Can Richard also address the potential role of FERC 2222 with regard to aggregation of storage resources in wholesale markets?
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
We will put it on the list of questions -- thanks, Moneer.
Can someone speak to the concern about mining the minerals needed for batteries.
Dean Hickman
Has there been any study on the use of the growing household individual storage capacity (battery storage and EVs) coupled with a Smart meter system which could provide power from household systems coupled with financial incentives to encourage customers to sign up. Such a (future) program may not eliminate the need for large storage but would reduce the burden on tax payers and environment of siting and building large scale battery storage (or peaker plants).
Moneer Azzam
Seth, this is fantastic study. Adding to question list at end... Are you looking at what happens to the peak with Electrification - particularly heat pumps and EV (maybe shifting to winter) and potential impact on battery storage strageties?
Jane Winn (BEAT) any pronouns
MA is claiming that in 2020 our emissions were down >25% - but they didn’t show any data! And it was probably due to COVID and back up in 2021.
Jerry Halberstadt
Question: Explain, please and how can we reverse this action: MINIMUM OFFER PRICE RULE, CUTS RENEWABLES OUT OF PEAK services
John Walkey (he/him) GreenRoots
Great presentations - looking forward to watching the recording of what I will have to sadly miss! Thanks to the organizers and presenters - greatly appreciated.
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
Take care, John -- thanks for joining.
Charlie Nunzio
Franciscan Response to Fossil Fuels question: what about the sustainability and environmental risks of lithium mining?
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
Just a gentle reminder, if people could please put yourselves on mute, that would be helpful. Thank you!
Rosemary Wessel, BEAT
Nope. First I’m hearing of it. I knew he was transitioning into the position. I didn’t know the other option was leaving.
Jerry Frenkil
What are the regulatory constraints, if any, related to MLPs engaging in energy arbitrage with BESS?
Rosemary Wessel, BEAT
Thanks for Form Energy, long duration storage will probably be a less impactful battery technology - iron/air.
Stuart Ormsbee
Chris - any optimism for new ISO-NE ancillary market revenues in the near future helpful for energy storage? perhaps coincident in time with MOPR changes?
Monte Pearson 350MA
If we just nationalized all energy facilities, we would not be facing these constant barriers because transitioning to renewables needs to be profitable. Are we not going to clean energy because we have to ensure profits in the energy industry every day? Insurance industry need profits, banks, need profits, power plants need profits, utilities need profits. Why does that come before preventing climate change?
Moneer Azzam
Chris, can you explain Cogentrix's obligations, if any, with regard to "Capacity" from the existing peaker plants? Are you envisioning changes with transition to BESS?
Roger Rosen
Excellent questions, Monte. Why are we not all asking these questions??
Monte Pearson 350MA
Because industry people excel at dragging advocates into complicated, jargon filled conversations.
Hunter Gibson
To follow up Susan's question with another. How do the impacts of mining, producing, transporting, designed use(10 years?) and end of life disposal/ recycling of the lithium batteries compare to CO2 emissions and environmental impacts from these plants. What will be the main source of power for charging these battery plants, and how can we ensure that it will be renewable and not just a more efficient or "green" NG/Nonrenewable source plant? There likely isn't enough space near the peaker plants to install adequate solar to charge them each day. For every battery("clean storage") installed on the grid you'll need to match it with installed renewable energy producers.
Roger Rosen
We are basically sacrificing the future of humanity to the need for corporations to make a profit.
Charlie Nunzio
Thanks for the presentations. I need to leave for another Zoom! I'll check for the recording.
Rosemary Wessel, BEAT
I love seeing the Holyoke project every time I pass through there. Compared to that old coal plant, it’s BEAUTIFUL.
Dean Hickman
Another tool (which I have experience with as a consumer in California) is to offer incentives to be on a list of households (or businesses) that can have their power cut at extreme peak electricity usage times. This again uses smart meters and financial incentives to customers to opt-in to the program and requires no battery farm or peaker plant. I can imaging a hybrid of multiple solutions to get us where we need to be in our renewable energy future (Large scale battery/or other storage; distributed consumer owned and opt-in battery storage; and consumer and business opt-in smart meter power cutting) - are these all on the list of State solutions?
paul popinchalk ' 350 Central Mass
Do the benefits of peak power cost reduction for all ISONE customers from BESS accrue to the BESS plant in any way via ISO rules??
Steven Wenner
any concerns about Li battery fire risk?
Steve Jones
What role for home storage batteries?
Susan Abrams (she/her/hers)
We’re trying to get residential batteries in our community and finding retrofitting to be prohibitively expensive. Any suggestions for how to make this more accessible?
Steve Jones
For home storage, heard there was failure to include use of storage during winter power needs.
Susan Abrams (she/her/hers)
(retrofitting=adding battery to pre-existing PV system)
Moneer Azzam
What are panelists thoughts on steps that Mass state legislature can take to boost incentives for including energy storage with new renewable projects and adding it to existing renewable project - ideally with provisioning for microgrid operation (resilience)?
Moneer Azzam
There are a handful of Greentown firms that are working on re-purposing lithium based batteries as well as new materials (Zinc) and kinetic solutions.
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
TUE = Telecommunications Utilities and Energy Committee
Sarah Dooling / Mass Climate Action Network
One more comment from Rose -- and then we will conclude our conversation.
Seth Mullendore
Everyone please feel free to reach out with additional questions - seth@cleanegroup.org
Steve Jones
Susan Abrams (she/her/hers)
Thank you!
Nina Peluso
Thanks all!
Pat Gozemba-Salem
Thanks so much.
Katherine McGee (Rep. Kerans)
Thank you all for this informative and helpful presentation!
Jane Winn (BEAT) any pronouns
Fantastic job everyone!!! Thank you so much. And thank you to all attending!
Jerry Halberstadt
Wow, what a great presentation!!
Moneer Azzam
Excellent Sarah and team. Well done
Rosemary Wessel, BEAT
Thanks everyone for coming!
Victoria Arruda Tootell
Thank you so much, wonderful presentation!
Brianna Bennett - HMLP Sustainability Coordinator
Thank you!
paul popinchalk ' 350 Central Mass
Excellent Program, Thanks MCAN!
Jackie Pratt